Raw Essentials is a veterinary formulated dietary supplement for dogs containing a comprehensive range of vitamins and trace minerals to ensure adequacy in all breeds and all stages of life.


Inclusion of prebiotics, probiotics, botanicals and chelated trace elements completes the product profile designed to support immune function, optimum gut health and stability and general well-being.


Nutrients are provided at levels to ensure adequacy for maintenance, growing, convalescing and geriatric pets


Designed to balance diets/nutritional requirements for those pets consuming home prepared meals.


Formulated to recommendations for trace nutrient nutrition by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials).



  • Comprehensive range of trace elements and vitamins l Ensures adequacy in all breeds and all life stages.
  • Chelated Trace Elements l Facilitates optimum absorption and utilisation to support peak metabolic and immune function
  • Probiotics l LACTO-SACC® containing Lactobacillus acidophilus and Enterococcus faecium to increase enteric lactic acid levels and reduce pH
  • Prebiotics l BIO-MOS® provides a substrate for beneficial gut bacteria, binds pathogenic bacteria and immuno-activates via enhanced liver function to support normalisation of gut micro-flora
  • Yeast l YEA-SACC® is a live yeast that promotes gastro-intestinal stability and function. It complements the other components of RAW ESSENTIALS to ensure maximum performance and benefit
  • Algae l ALL-G RICH® is a product rich in DHA to help balance Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acid levels
  • Yucca Extract l DE-ODORASE® is a plant extract that binds ammonia and reduces moisture to improve faecal odour and consistency
  • Botanicals l The range has been carefully chosen to provide anti-oxidants and chemical modulators to support sound metabolic and immune function



Vit A

300 IU/g

Vit D3

30 IU/g

Vit E

1000 mcg/g

Vit K

120 mcg/g

Vit B1 Thiamine

800 mcg/g

Vit B2 Riboflavin

120 mcg/g

Vit B3 Niacin

800 mcg/g

Vit B5 Pantothenic acid

600 mcg/g

Vit B6 Pyridoxine

80 mcg/g

Vit B7 Biotin

4 mcg/g

Vit B9 Folic acid

8 mcg/g

Vit B12 Cyanocobalamin      

1 mcg/g

Copper (as chelate)

200 mcg/g

Iron (as chelate)

1200 mcg/g


80 mcg/g

Magnesium (as chelate)

200 mcg/g

Selenium (as chelate)

8 mcg/g

Zinc (as chelate)

2000 mcg/g


3.2 mg/g


80 mcg/g


30 mg/g


4.8 mg/g

All-G Rich®

40 mg/g




5 mg/g

Black pepper

10 mg/g

Psyllium husk

100 mg/g



Vitamin premix, potassium iodide, Bioplex Copper, Bioplex Iron, Bioplex Manganese, Bioplex Zinc, Selplex, Lacto-Sacc, Bio-Mos, De-Odorase, Yeasacc, Nupro, All-G-Rich, rice bran oil, turmeric, black pepper, carrot, ginger, parsley, spinach, rosehip, psyllium husk.



5g per 10kg, plus 2.5g for each additional 10kg of body weight daily.


Base diet should contain appropriate protein, fat and macro-minerals (especially calcium) to maintain growth and Body Condition Score within ideal ranges.


Products may lose nutritional value if they are subjected to cooking processes


Raw Essentials 500g


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