Bone Balancer is formulated to balance macro-mineral levels in canine diets based on meat (with little or no bone), variety meats (offals) and vegetables.


It is recommended to maintain a dietary calcium:phosphorus ratio in the range 1.2-1.4:1.


Due to multiple variables such as breed, life stage and individual differences, it is best to describe calcium and phosphorus requirements relative to energy intake:

  • Puppies of all breeds: minimum 3g calcium per 1000kcal ME*
  • Puppies of large/giant breeds: safe upper limit 4.5g calcium per 1000kcal ME*
  • Adult dogs: minimum 0.5g calcium per 1000kcal ME*

            *ME = metabolizable energy


For easier dietary management, requirements can be estimated (dry matter basis):

  • Puppies: minimum calcium 1%; minimum phosphorus 0.8%
  • Adults: minimum calcium 0.6%; minimum phosphorus 0.5%
  • Calcium:phosphorus ratio in total diet: 1.2-1.4:1



  • Highly bio-available calcium and magnesium l inclusion from Calsea Powder which is derived from fossilised red alga, Lithothamnus. Calsea Powder. It contains more than 30 marine minerals and trace elements and is sustainably harvested.
  • Calcium l Important for body functions including structurally in bone and metabolically in muscle and nerve function.            
  • Magnesium l Multiple roles including modulation of nerve activity and facilitation of calcium metabolism via co-factoring of parathyroid hormone (PTH). PTH promotes conversion of Vitamin D3 to Calcitriol which stimulates gastro-intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus.
  • Vitamin D3 l CHOLECALCIFEROL, a fat soluable vitamin that assists with absorption of calcium and phosphorus
  • Botanicals l Selected to add bio-available chelated minerals and increase palatability.
  • NUPRO® l A natural source of functional nutrients to support performance




260 mg/g


20 mg/g

Vitamin D3

15 IU/g


35 mg/g

Spinach flakes

60 mg/g


20 mg/g

Carrot granules

45 mg/g



Calsea® Powder (Lithothamnus), Vitamin D3 500, carrot granules, spinach flakes, parsley flakes, Nupro®, rice bran oil.



5g per 500 g fresh meat, fish or variety meats (offal) without bone

3g per 500 g fresh meat (without bone) and vegetables


Total food intake should be adjusted to maintain growth and Body Condition within ideal ranges.


Skeletal development of puppies of large and giant breeds is sensitive to levels of calcium and phosphorus and professional advice regarding suitable dietary management is recommended.


BONE BALANCER is designed to balance home prepared meals.


Feed in conjunction with appropriate protein and energy nutrition.

Pets may be fed a combination of home prepared and commercial diets. Only the home prepared portion of the diet requires supplementary BONE BALANCER.


Products may loose nutritional value if they are subjected to cooking processes


Bone Balancer 350g


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